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After working on a PC for 15 years and being forced to use a Mac for 2, I thought it was about time someone unbiased addressed the question the title of this article proposes.

While the general close-mindedness all the Apple fanboys annoys the ever-loving iPod out of me, I do find a lot to like about Apple products. The iPod is great (in spite of the proprietary file format), The Mac is a great machine (though it has its own drawbacks) and the iPhone is way cool (though I need a keyboard).

No matter what kind of technology you use, we can at least agree that Apple has comparatively better than average products. But what about

Well, begrudgingly, I say it’s my new favorite web site.

The web site, like Apple, does an amazing thing- it makes something you’ve seen before (like the Ipod vs preexisting mp3) and makes it classy and cool. How many sites do you know that use the first two colors ever available: black and white, and create a dynamic, clean look. - annoyingly clean and classy - annoyingly clean and classy

While Apple generally overdelivers on the hype, it rarely does so on its web site. Few words, large pics and wide open spaces give you the feel of the Web version of a New York penthouse.

It’s easy to navigate and generally obvious to follow. Videos and interactivity abound. In fact, there’s rarely little for anyone to complain about.

Which leads me to the question I’ve had for many years: if Apple is so great, why didn’t it invent a better PC or version of Windows? Was there a secret back room agreement between Steve and Bill? Mutual respect? Or was it more like a gentleman’s ageement between technological mafia families?

Beats me. I do remember Apple attemptig to make all Windows filed readable on its machine. Having used an apple, I can honestly say it’s not exactly true. I give apple the edge on interface but not on networking and customization.

Still, the web site is cool.

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